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Live what you believe in

Live what you believe in

Sometimes our live brings us into situation when we are sad or unhappy. Or we just simply feel something is wrong. We achieve goals but we do not feel fulfillment. Our society teaches us to set goals in a very straight and everybody pleasing way. But when I observed the nature, the other day thinking of its wisdom and constant growth, I did not see things happening without a preparation, without something which was deeper than the process itself. All was driven by a special energy not visible in the first moment. But then after having watched more deeply there was a magic always there.  We are also a part of the nature. We as humans are physical beings but a greater part of us is still nonphysical. Also connected and driven by the universal energy. The same magic is happening also for us. Living our lives in sync with this energy brings authenticity for us. Our mind both, conscious or unconscious affects our energetical and physical status. This can cause a certain disbalance which is often subconsciously felt by interfering of such a person, which does not live what she or he believes in. We feel such a person is unharmonized in a certain way.  

But the bigger problem is that we feel negative emotions not living our truth. Sort of guilt, anxiety, or even anger. And those negative emotions influence chemistry of our body, bring us to stress and produce literally other kind of genes and chemicals in our bodies. And in case of negative emotions our thoughts and feelings of guilt can make us sick.


How can we help it? Can we help it at all?

Yes! We can. Bringing our mind in harmony and working on finding out who we are and what our truth is, this is the key. But not once on a seminar, not once on a workshop. But day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute in a systematic and constant working unfolding layer after layer.


Where can I do it?

There are plenty of possibilities and everybody is attracted by that teacher, which is he/she is ready for. We also teach people how to calm the mind, come back and work mindfully with BODY & MIND to reset the body, de-traumatize and uplift this existence.


So come on! Turn your sleeves up and start changing your life today!

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