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If you don't like outcome change inputs

What We Do

If you don’t like the outcome, change the inputs!

We believe, a unity between body, mind and soul leads to a harmonious life.  If we want to change our lives, we must change our behavior first. We can change our behavior with changing our beliefs. And this is only possible if we change our thoughts. 

Conscious mental and physical training leads to great long-lasting results. The human body is more than bones, muscles and describable physical and biochemical reactions. Our minds are more than just a group of thoughts. We bring together in harmony both and consciously work on stabilizing of a human being as a whole.

Working with our clients individually on single sessions as well as with groups on our workshops and seminars.


So come, let's do it together!

Why We Do It

Working with our mind, body and soul simultaneously brings amazing results. Our students and clients develop greater skulls at managing their day to day lives. The world around us is not just about the physical, it is all about vibration and resonance. Positive mind, healthy and strong body and happy highly vibrating soul is a contribution to thyself and to whole community.

We work with our clients mostly in groups on our workshops and seminars. In addition, we offer online workouts, which are a conscious talk to our body inspirated by Yoga, Pilates and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.

Our workouts are taking place in a real time in a closed community. This cocreating rises the vibration and such a conscious and mindful workout becomes a strong tool in a person’s development.

So come, let's do it together!

About Me

Iveta Kirschner

I have been working with my clients as a coach and trainer over thirteen years. Due to my background in Traditional Chinese Medicine studies and other teachings we combine the deep knowledge with experience., We have developed a method of Applied Coaching which contributes to a healthy self-awareness of our students and clients.

We work with our clients in a very gentle way with great results.

Our sessions and workouts support mental and physical health. We educate our clients as well, because we think it is important for our clients to know what they do and why. Then the way how to improve stability and rise their consciousness much more simple.


Contact Us


+421 911 58 24 24

Thanks for submitting!  We will come back to your request usually within two working days. Thank you.

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