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Body as my truthful and honest helper

A human body is a complete physical form of a person. But it is also much more then just a muscle mass, organs, and the bones.

I never believed my body is such a wonderful miracle factory. Everything what we see, what we hear or what we witness leaves a footprint in our bodies. Nicely saved as in computer. One may say: “Not a problem, it is normal, nothing new”.

But what does that really mean? All those footprints show themselves in the moment, when we experience a situation, which resonates in some way with that saved footprint in us or with some emotion that footprint carries. That is why we have different automatic “spontaneous” reactions on small inputs that come during the day. Reactions, which when we do not check and track, overrule our whole system. One may say again: “Not a problem, I can manage my stress.”

The second important point is we attract and create from the state we are at. Not based on what we say, not based on what we do, how we act. But from a state how we feel and radiate. The whole body reacts and works based on what we feel. And these reactions and chemicals, which are produced in our bodies carry a specific information, a specific energy. And this comes and activate spots in us which then chain and connect other situations.

That is why I DO filter, what I want to experience, I DO choose what story I want to be a part of, and I DO care what thoughts come to my mind and want to stay. This is not a one week or one month process. This is a long track run, for all my lifetimes. But I am happy to have that free will to be able to create. So, thank you, MY BODY to remind me all this.


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